"Super a goddess's proposal" and "Fei" need to pay attention


May Day holiday 5.2

La Moda and W hotel in Shanghai Bund

How to witness the super a goddess Online

Put your heart into romantic proposal!


It's a blast to propose like this! Break the tradition and be bold!

And gave out 12 wedding banquet + numerous crazy prizes!



It was also carried out through various platforms on the same day

Live online proposal:

Xiaohongshu: @ Marriott travel home

Live: @ Marriott bonvoy

@La Moda

@W Hotel Shanghai Bund

Taobao: @ flagship store of Marriott International Group

Heroine: Pink Feifei

Actor: Mr. an

We 're witnessing a hormonal atmosphere online

"Fei" should pay attention to the scene of marriage proposal

"Fei" wants your blessing!

This is our attitude towards beauty

We spent our time arranging the proposal scene!

@Secret Garden proposal flower arch - romantic natural wind

@The largest banquet hall in Puxi of W Bund Hotel in Shanghai is 2000 + Ping,

Western style dinner party

@660 Ping banquet hall of W Bund Hotel Shanghai

New Oriental flower art style made in Chinese style and Western style

High quality jewelry and wristwatch for the proposal


Top jewelry brands A kind of Chopard Chopin

Earrings and rings come from A kind of Chopard Chopin's

Cannes Film Festival precise lace series

And the watch that Feifei gave to Mr. an was a hit some time ago

In the Korean drama "forced landing of love", the protagonist Li Zhenghe once

Alpine eagle of Chopin

Watch for brother

This wonderful live marriage proposal can not be separated from the strongest support

The most professional live broadcast team of modu,

Just for a surprise


Of course, the success of this proposal is also due to the players behind the scenes:

Marriott bonvoy

A kind of W Hotel Shanghai Bund

A kind of Top jewelry Chopard Chopin

A kind of The most powerful live broadcast team in Mordor: brain Club

A kind of Wedding brand: Nicole Felicia


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