La Moda x shadow walk brings a limited date, cherry blossom season is full of spring

Spring April

Quietly colored the past epidemic

Big cherry blossom A kind of Make the world more tender

Cherry Blossom's coming also means to welcome the recovery of everything

Bring a happy mood


A kind of Two online stores A kind of

Invite you to enjoy the cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms from all over the world

Bring you



Limited time linkage and cooperation launch

Exclusive benefits for cherry blossom season

Love romantic you, but never miss

Three La Moda in Shanghai

Free consumption of flowers and retail goods A kind of 100 yuan

You can get a shake shake gift certificate

(with limited drinks A kind of Hamburg A kind of And French fries A kind of After delivery)

Time: April 8 - May 31, 2020

Consumption of SHAKE SHACK in Shanghai Xintiandi A kind of 100 yuan

With cherry blossom products, you can get a beautiful La Moda bouquet

I'm sorry

The event is so hot that it's over today

(time: April 8, 2020 to April 17, 2020)

Come to La Moda store to pick it up

Your romantic Cherry Blossom A kind of Gift voucher


Spring, a Shanghai propaganda film organized and shot by the Foreign Publicity Office of Mordor,

The beautiful La Moda represents the recovery of all things in Shanghai. Let's go and enjoy the flowers together A kind of


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