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 The covid-19 virus, which has long dominated the news headlines in China,

Finally, after the concerted efforts of the whole people, we can see that

The dawn of victory and hope is coming, but it's just like us now

In Italy, a fashionable country striving to fight the epidemic, and

Many overseas countries are on the rise,

Europeans don't wear masks A kind of ,

Italians in particular are already suffering

"Serious" spread! Demure!

Why not wear a mask? Because I don't think it's fashionable!!!

Prada, Gucci, Fendi


Dolce & Gabbana is quick to get out of fashion masks.

 The highlights of the world are turning to the cloud,

It's like the Italian government cancelled all recent

Public events, especially Milan fashion week,

Armani, the old man

I immediately played a fashion show without an audience

Giorgio Armani women's fall / winter 2020 collection,
In the picture, at the end of the show,
Mr Armani invited twelve models
Wearing Armani inspired by Chinese style
Prive ss2009 and ss2019 premium
Custom dress appears to express the blessing to China.
Another screen news in Milan Fashion Circle:
Raf Simons joined Prada as co creative director,
Prada also stressed at the end of the article that there will be no deadline for the contract.
Raf Simons
Is one of the most influential designers in the industry,
Has its own brand of the same name, served as
Chief designer of Jil sander, chief designer of Dior
Calvin Klein, creative director, created
Many satisfying works,
But because we insist on our "anti commercialization"
The concept is constantly exploring the team that fits it.
As early as 2016, with Prada
In an interview with the magazine, he said:
At every level, I can feel Miuccia
She has very clear thoughts and opinions, her way of thinking
World view, art view and political opinion.
Let's look forward to the big show he will bring to us!
Prada also announced hope
By the end of 2021,
Including all iconic nylon accessories purchased from marine waste,
As a big step towards the goal of environmental protection,
In fact, in the current era of globalization,
Human beings become a community of destiny,
We must value and respect nature.
Whether it's forest fires in Australia or locusts in India,
Or now the novel coronavirus.
All of them are warning us to stop polluting the planet.
For! You! Drum! Palm!
Back to the truth - Cuihu cloud flower art class A kind of
Because of the epidemic,
La Moda has worked together with Cuihu Tiandi to create
Live broadcast of cloud flower art class,
This allows owners to enjoy La Moda at home
The charm of the natural wind flower art, talk about the fashionable living room flower art.
Live broadcast configuration is as luxurious as entertainment variety show
It's Kangxi. It's war A kind of Oh!
You can't imagine the charm of natural flower art!
The art of natural wind flower arrangement with a strong sense of oil painting,
Geng Rui, founder of La Moda, shares the fashionable flower arranging course
Notice! Notice! What to play in the next cloud flower art class?
Private letter editor, take you to La Moda to share fashionable life group
Epidemic situation
Let's go
Return our fresh air and freedom
La Moda Jing'an Temple store,
Return to work! Return to work! Get back to work!
It's time to take revenge on the virus!
The little soul that is holding bad comforts her quickly ~
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We have a special way to fight the epidemic
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