Choose a heart and express the position of this feeling in your heart!

 Spring 2020, mixed feelings

Every morning before I wake up and go to bed,

Just like the Korean drama "forced landing of love",

Check the situation of the epidemic,

We can only correctly recognize the epidemic situation and take protective measures,

Do not create panic, especially the rework boom that has come,

Please protect yourself and those you love,

Promise me!


Choose a heart for yourself or someone you love,

We've got a nice and stylish gift for you,

Home at home

Can also harvest different love!

La Moda white night fairy tale flower box

"White night fairy tale" is a whole combination of fairy tales

Full of sweet and sad poetic atmosphere,

Artists use different images of girls and animals

Create different images and fairytale situations,

Each situation has a small theme.

Subverting the traditional sculpture production method,

Using digital creation method and resin mold turning process,

Each work is hand drawn under the guidance of the artist,

Each work has a unique stroke, impression and color thickness.


La Moda rhino companion series flower box: 380 RMB

La Moda Xianglu flower box: 380 RMB

La Moda fox flower box: 380 RMB


La Moda cat general series flower box: 880 RMB

La Moda Flamingo flower box: 880 RMB

La Moda moonlight rabbit flower box: 880 RMB



Match girl - Hibi match incense

A match - a new type of incense in the shape of a match,

Even tired afternoons with sleepiness can wake up quickly.

Let the smell of love and smoke cloud around you.


La Moda x Hibi: 428 RMB


Hibi Hefeng 3-in gift box: 320 RMB

Including: Dragon juniper, sandalwood, cinnamon flavor, including special burning pad

Package size: 115mm * 115mm * 10mm


Hibi deep 3-in gift box: 360 RMB

Including: ambergris, cedar, oak moss, including special burning pad

Package size: 115mm * 115mm * 10mm


Hibi classic 3-in gift box: 430 RMB

Including: lemon grass, lavender, geranium, Ylang Ylang, tea flavor,

Including special combustion pad

Package size: 115mm * 173mm * 10mm

130 French fragrance brand - Papier d'armenie

Only France, Paris, montrouge in the world

Regional brand factories can produce environmentally friendly and green materials,

Aromatherapy paper does not use any harmful chemical additives,

After ignition, there is no harm to the ozone layer and it is very environmentally friendly.

Because it is made of natural brine and special technology,

It also burns more slowly than regular paper,

In order to spread the fragrance better.

Papier d 'Armenie - La Rose

Single volume 66 RMB boxed (6 volumes) 388 RMB


Papier d 'Armenie - Armenie

Single volume 66 RMB boxed (6 volumes) 388 RMB


Papier d 'Armenie - Traditional

Single Volume 56 RMB boxed (6 volumes) 318 RMB

(the only book that uses benzoin and alcohol to melt into liquid.

By burning smoke, it can achieve sterilization, relieve pharyngitis and other upper respiratory diseases.

It used to be a popular anti epidemic incense in Europe. Benzoin has bactericidal effect,

Most commonly used to help expectorant, make breathing unobstructed, in the prevalence of influenza or

When respiratory infectious diseases are prevalent, benzoin can be used to expand incense or incense indoors. )


Papier d 'Armenie - Starter Box

Including: 2 copies of La Rose, 2 copies of Armenie and 2 copies of traditional

Suit 350 RMB


*Simple usage: tear off a small piece of incense paper and fold it into hundreds of folds.

Light a small corner, then quickly fan out the fire.

Then put it on the incense plate / ordinary plate / ashtray,

Let it burn for 1-2 minutes to the end.

So the space around you is full

Fragrance and reduce cross infection of virus in the air.


Liadro Spanish porcelain fragrance

World famous porcelain brand,

Liadro always has a lively artistic style,

It has long been recognized by the whole world.

Castle Fragrance Gift Box (red) Special:

1750 RMB

Original price: 1950 RMB

Castle Fragrance Gift Box (blue) Special:

1660 RMB

Original price: 1849 RMB


Through the integration of functionality and artistry,

Realize the mutual transformation and derivation of art and life



Artsave package gift box: 568 RMB

Bone china cup (dual use of flower)


3.8 opening of Goddess Festival pre-sale

Reserve the goddess Festival gift box from now on
A bottle of Rialto Rose Rose sparkling wine
(limited quantity, only after delivery)

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