La Moda has "made up" this time and moved the forest into the restaurant!


The Xiaxi Huamu Market, which has successively hosted the China International Family Flower and Garden Exhibition and the China Flower Retail Exchange Conference, has another big move this year. La Moda is fortunate to be the most eye-catching highlight.


The design of the gardening carnival show and activities are aimed at the theme of life, and the scenes of gardening life are displayed in the real scene of plants. The event planning team selects existing horticultural producers and product resources to complete the horticultural landscape of the modern lifestyle with multiple themed venues. The content covers more than ten themes such as landscape, garden aesthetics, floral aesthetics, home gardening, car garden, forest restaurant, children's gardening, etc., and these contents will be carefully arranged and displayed in a panoramic view through the theme of “horticulture and life”.


La Moda - Forest Restaurant

At the Carnival “show venue”, La Moda’s “Forest Restaurant” is a high-end, stylish gardening scene with plants and food as the main elements. It is worthwhile to experience the extraordinary forest and garden restaurants. In addition, the scene display of hanging plants and carnivorous plants in the “show” will greatly increase the interaction and interest of the activities. In particular, the site is a 100,000+ level real tree, which can be said to be built for the sake of the effect. The horticultural market near the courtyard pavilion will be one of the most lively venues in the gardening carnival, a collection of horticultural brands that aim to create a unique market that combines gardening and living.


Top floral masters come to the scene


Not only domestic pioneering floral and horticultural companies, but also the flower designers Annette Von Einem from Copenhagen, Stef Adriaenssens from Belgium and other top-level floral masters and industry-level traffic-level bloggers to help out the field... Mass consumers bring – a completely new and innovative all-horticultural lifestyle lifestyle “new” experience that refreshes everyone’s perception of gardening.

Annette Von Einem

Stef Adriaenssens


Advocating new ways of gardening

This different flower show is striving to meet the demands of producers and the needs of consumers in the process of industrial transformation and upgrading. In fact, as the organizer of this event, Xia Xi Huamu Market is also playing the role of advocate and guide of gardening life.


Established in 1994, Xiaxi Huamu Market is the core exhibition area of ​​the “A Five-Garden” in the Auxiliary Exhibition Hall of the 8th China Flower Expo. It is also the host of the 6th Flower Trade Conference, plus three consecutive events. China Family Horticultural Exhibition, China Flower Retail Industry Exchange Conference, accumulated years of market management experience and practical experience in professional exhibitions, give market managers a more acute insight into the new trends in the transformation of the horticultural industry.


Cater to new demands in the horticultural market


How to go for the future of gardening? What should the market have? What do consumers need? Gardening Carnival hopes to bring new senses and reflections to all flower industry and gardening users, so that the connection between gardening and individuals and families is more and more close. The flower industry is experiencing a new period of development. While the potential for personal consumption is gradually expanding, horticultural products need to be connected to the real individual demand market, and consumers need to know more about the corresponding products. “Showing the gardening lifestyle, understanding the needs and meeting the needs, the 2019 China Xiaxi Horticultural Carnival is to build such a platform to achieve this goal.”

2019.10.18 - 10.20

La Moda and you are not seen in Xiaxi

Feel the breath of nature!

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