Bob Dylan opens | La Moda takes you to know him and appreciate his legend.


Bob Dylan has been in the music for more than 50 years and is recognized as the most influential singer of the 20th century. But it is too difficult for you to summarize this person in one sentence. He is a musician, a poet, a writer, a painter, an actor. He has countless auras, and the most praised is the 2016 Nobel Prize winner. A singer won the Nobel Prize in Literature, which is incredible, but you want to really understand him, listen to his songs, read his words, read his books, and appreciate his paintings, let Shanghai Yicang The museum tells you his legend. La Moda is proud to partner with Shanghai Art Gallery.

The spark of La Moda colliding with Bob Dylan

During the exhibition, La Moda also has a series of cooperation activities.

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“It’s really fascinating to see so many creations over the years. I don’t want to use time, region or mood to separate them........ Shanghai is a city with rich cultural history and can be in Shanghai. I am delighted to host this art exhibition."

  -- Bob Dylan

2019.9.28 - 2020.1.5, Shanghai Yi Cang Art Museum exhibited Bob Dylan's first retrospective of visual art work "Light / Spectrum Bob Dylan Art Exhibition". This exhibition is not only the first appearance of Bob Dylan's visual art works in China, but also the most comprehensive comprehensive exhibition to date, bringing together seven series of works that he has created for his 50 years of his career. More than 250 works of art, including manuscripts, drawings, oil paintings, sculptures and images, showcase Bob Dylan's diverse identity and strive to make the public feel its milestone legendary life in a unique immersive interactive experience.



This is the first place where he performed in New York after a fixed performance. This strange name is the abbreviation of CAFE WHAT. With doubts, it is now a gathering place for singers, artists and poets.

Poet? Painter? Sculptor? Just as charming


He has never appeared in the eyes of the public as a poet, but his lyrics have become the best carrier of poetry, and the Nobel Prize has deepened the verification of this matter. As early as 1973, he published a collection of poems and paintings, "writing and painting."

The exhibition features these early ink sketches by Bob Dylan, which are somewhat cynical, simple yet stressful, and have the same effect as his early works.

* Bob Dylan, Manhattan Bridge, Downtown New York, 2015 -  2017. Acrylic on canvas, 182.5 X 275cm


* Woman In Red Lion Pub, 2007

* Bob Dylan, Brundage Lane, Burger House, 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 104.6 X 122.4cm

* Endless Highway III, 2016

His sculptures, industrial metal sculptures created from waste materials, also appeared in the exhibition, transforming industrial manufactured goods into works of art, telling the imprint of the American industrial era.


Bob Dylan's audio-visual world


There is also an area in the exhibition that is the exclusive playroom of Bob Dylan's documentary. In the documentary "Don't Go Back," he said nothing, but he constantly throws out the words that have written the text. The documentary is a faithful record of his tour of the UK in 1965.

La Moda will also launch a lawn movie event with Bob Dylan.

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