Your YAO is also less than YAO! Traditional warfare modern is tight!


La Moda started this summer by revising more than 100 designs and going to the mountains to cut bamboo.

11 large and small production plants, costing 300+

It is conceivable that this is a cosmic super stylish moon cake gift box.


(Preliminary draft)


After three months, I designed a very difficult moon cake gift box, flying thousands of kilometers and wading through the mountains.

Quality control of each process, hot bending, ironing, carbonization.

How many stories are behind a good design?



Designed by La Moda, "Inviting Shakes" # Bite Me Shanghai Bund W Hotel Mooncake Gift Box


The traditional bamboo steamer meets the modern acrylic, and the W moon cake turns into a golden dumpling!

Subvert the tradition together and shine in the Mid-Autumn Festival!

Acrylic acrylic fluorescent and the scorpion can't beat the cage to complete a new spark collision.

Mooncakes and Xiaolongbao are in series with each other, and this visual impact is simply blasting.


  But there is a "good news" or tell you

All sold out

Even a moon cake residue is not left

Bite Me bites me! ?

But the friends who have already bought, do not have to worry about the recycling of packaging.

The authentic cages can be used indefinitely, and are definitely the most eye-catching kitchen trend items for the elders.

There is also a dust cover!


We will teach you to eat mooncakes, how to make this package to the extreme!

Correct! Is a fashionable flower


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