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The most popular TV series this summer is "Little Joy". Almost every day, a story is hot, and even some netizens said: I followed the hot search to watch the show. A short TV series about the parents of the college entrance examination, each character line with different personalities, does not force the chicken soup, does not bend the corners, directly shows the most intuitive truth in the line, and unconsciously has a lot of audience hearts.


The words that Dong Wenjie said in the play are impressive: the children's life is their own, we can't replace them, and they have to go through a detour. They have to hit the south wall. This sentence is a demonstration of the need for parents to hone their lives.


In the drama, Teacher Li said: The college entrance examination is indeed a very important part of your life, but compared with life, it is nothing. This makes everyone feel that the usual resolute and unrestrained self-serving, the college entrance examination as a top priority teacher, this sentence invisibly brings a touch of warmth to the cold college entrance examination, but also the teacher's warmth to the students.


Teachers, like their parents, are the most important life mentor in your life, and they are indispensable!


With the finale of the "Little Joy" TV series, and the school season in September, Teacher's Day is coming soon! The most special teacher in my life, the teachings in the words, in our life stage, opened flowers and ended the fruit. For us, Teacher's Day is more than just a festival about teachers. When we recall every life mentor who gives us love and help in life, the memories of childhood are also like the tides. Intersection. Those who can't say anything can use flowers to express a simple and beautiful gratitude to the teacher today.


"Language" Price: 199 yuan



"Mathematics" Price: 199 yuan



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The flower is made of Japanese imported carnation, African curling Fran, double-flowered tulip, Luo Xinfu, chamomile, clematis, Austin rose, peony, velvet and so on. Collect all the blessings of the beautiful flowers and give them to dear teachers.


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