La Moda & Keme Life | Building an aerial fairy tale in life



Imagine a busy life.

What else?

Able to fill your sudden onset of fetishism

What is there?

A girl who can satisfy your sudden flooding


Of course, fairy tale

If you can take these fairy tales home


La Moda brings fairy tales to your front

Prepare a mid-summer nutritious dessert for you


White fairy



“The nights are as sweet and sad as the white, the girl in the dream slowly tells everyone’s fairy tale”



Goodnight Rabbit - Oversized Goodnight Rabbit - XXL

Size: 1600mm*447mm*423mm

Price: 48,800 yuan


Goodnight Rabbit - Ultra Small Goodnight Rabbit - XS

Size: 220mm*60mm*60mm

Price: 299 yuan



Night Unicorn - Medium Noctumal Unicorn - M

Size: 790mm*780mm*250mm

Price: 4260 yuan


Night unicorn - medium and small Noctumal Unicorn - MS

Size: 310mm*310mm*100mm

Price: 1560 yuan



Cat General - Trumpet General - XS

Size: 190mm*130mm*80mm

Price: 399 yuan



White Night Fairytale Series - Ultra Small Dream of Fairy Tales XXS

Price: 79 yuan




Lite Super Beautiful Limited Edition Gift Set Lite Super cute Series Limit

Price: 399 yuan



Reinforced jungle

Everyone has their own fairy tales

They are summoned by the little girl once and for all to gently soothe

The impetuousness has been dubbed again and again.


Meek rabbit

Is the listener of adults

Distracted by the world

Magic has a pair of hands

Calm for you



“White Night Fairy” is a whole fairytale combination

a sweet and sad poetic atmosphere

Artists use images of different girls and animals

Create different imagery and fairytale situations

Each situation has a small theme

For example, "Linghu" tells the secret of girl growth.

"Flamingo" tells the beauty of my family's early growth

"Rhino Partner" tells the story of childhood honesty and simple companionship



Subverting the way traditional sculptures are made

Using digital creation methods combined with resin molding process

Standardized production of the three-dimensional form of the work

On the other hand, it is different from the general assembly line products.

Every work of "White Night Fairy"

The artist personally matches the colors and details.

Each piece is drawn by hand under the guidance of the artist.

Each piece has a unique thickness of strokes, impressions and colors



White fairy

Set up in life

Fairy tale






猪宝 - Zhuyuan Yurun Powder / Zhuguang Baoqi Blue M

Size: 230mm*190mm*20mm / Size: 250mm*160mm*22mm

Price: 960 yuan


猪宝 - Zhuyuan Yurun Powder / Zhuguang Baoqi Blue S

Size: 100mm*80mm*90mm / Size: 100mm*70mm*90mm

Price: 199 yuan



Fairy tale cup

Price: 108 yuan -128 yuan


Imprint the fairy tale on the cup

Let the crystal clear fairy tale

Infiltrate every detail in life



La Moda from the world of flowers

Building a fairy tale in the air

Modern urban life is always busy

People do their best to arm themselves

But there are always some fragile and soft nowhere to put

The artist created this series of works

Let the little girls smooth out the fragility and hairiness of people

Good night rabbit image matches the Mid-Autumn theme

Outline the beautiful and dreamy, pure and cure Mid-Autumn theme

Very artistic, literary and artistic, in line with the high-end tonality of fashion



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