Lady La Moda By Kim Xu | Blooming female beauty, blooming flowers always bloom between art


Lady La Moda

Kim Xu and La Moda's special print series

Size: 60cm*60cm



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Thousands of people have no face, women are not born to be women,

Experienced countless explorations in becoming a woman.

Just like the growth and bloom of flowers, it is natural.

Lady La Moda blooms the beauty of women


From the traffic to the bustling city, Shanghai will integrate the international culture into its own unique willpower. Shanghai Xintiandi is such a place, representing China, representing the international and representing itself.


It is a leisure pedestrian street integrating catering, business, entertainment and culture based on the unique old Shikumen building in Shanghai. Based on the integration of Chinese and Western, the combination of old and new, the traditional Shikumen of Shanghai is integrated with a new building full of modernity.


趁 Summer is full of scenery, La Moda and artist Kim Xu stop at Shanghai Xintiandi, which is the beauty of art for women.

Kim Xu - Paper Spring Blossom Winter Dream

Born in a family of painting and calligraphy, he studied painting from his grandfather and was good at combining Chinese traditional Chinese painting with Western oil painting. The combination of the two cultures makes Kim Xu have a unique sense of color and character, which makes the women in his writing more elegant and independent. For the rest of his life, Kim Xu has held solo exhibitions in China, Germany, the United States, Singapore, and Dubai for 14 years.


On the first anniversary of JOYCE in 2008, LANVIN, ORANGE was collected by Hang Seng Bank. In 2014, the work was collected by Dubai HARVEY NICHOLS department store and was called China's hottest artist by Dubai media. In addition, Kim has worked with VOGUE, WOUND, ARTREPUBLIK and other fashion art magazines as well as many of the world's top brands, becoming the hottest darling of the art world and fashion circles.

Lovers at the end of time

Timeless Lover Oil on canvas

Size: 120cm*180cm

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Go forward, don't look back, this is what we can do now, because time does not wait for people.

Move forward, don't look back, because this is all we've got.

And time will wait for no one.

Sculpture series

A Woman is a piece of art

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No matter where we are,

Have to look up at the starry sky and defend the faith.

Bang & Olufsen

(sold on site)

Lady La Moda art space,

We have chosen B&O's world-class audio-visual brand audio. Since its establishment in Struer, Denmark in 1925, we have been known worldwide for its audio and video products that combine the best of technology and sensuality. At the same time, we also selected B&O's latest design Lab 50, which interprets the stereo field aesthetics of space. B&O's Beolab series has always been named "sexy". In addition to its outstanding sound quality, the artistic and elegant design is also the foundation of its foothold. Inside the cabinet, the Beolab 50 is equipped with three 4-inch IF units, three 10-inch woofer units and a 0.74-inch HF unit with a maximum output of 2,100 watts.

The petals that blow in the spring are not born for the fruits of the future, just for a moment of celebration. La Moda and Kim Xu in this summer, the beauty of women's hairstyles, re-recognizing the concept of "female".


In Xintiandi, we will showcase our new self, not only in art, but also in life attitudes, mapping art from life. The inner beauty is born, not a subversion. This grand event is the process of knowing the soul. In a picture, in a bouquet of flowers, I found myself who I have never met.


In the excitement, it opens up a pure land and returns everything to the most natural state. The music that surrounds the space is the BGM that should have been in life. The moisturizing things are silent, penetrate the mind from the senses, and feel the aesthetics is in the manner of life, do not need to deliberately, follow the feelings.

Lady La Moda meets beautiful


The style of life begins with learning to meet the beauty, and the beauty given by nature is transformed into the outline of art. The integration of art into life is a wonderful beginning. La Moda understands the beauty of life and quietly grows flowers in delicious food. The sense of ritual of life has never been a hassle. La Moda has carefully prepared floral courses, expecting to enjoy life and feel life. People learn a more professional taste of life.

Lady La Moda at Shanghai Xintiandi Square

Flower Art Courses will be launched


Activity time

August 6th, 2019 (Friday)

14:00 - 15:30


Event Location

Xintiandi Plaza L4 Social House


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