La Moda X French Guerrilla has a "cocktail" which can only be drunk in Devil's Capital!



A BAR with floral, wine and coffee fragrances, a small space is filled with a good taste of life. Encountered here in the French Guerrilla encounter # walking flowers and plants water language # encounter, people intoxicated.

Choosing the way to drink Guerlain special is very interesting. Choose two favorite flavors from the perfume raw materials on the tray, and the bartender specially adjust the cocktail for you.

La Moda recommends a certain point of a rose drink (alcohol free), with Rosa Rossa perfume, the whole people are emitting the romantic fragrance of roses.
There are also super combo to choose from. 8 kinds of perfume and special drinks are stored in flowers. Once a ALL IN, it is especially suitable for friends gathering.
Close-up appreciation is a face attack. Circle reminder: 8 cups of allin need to be booked one day in advance.
With more than 190 years of history, France's Guerrilla has expanded its popularity in the star circle and fashion circles. This time, it is about to conquer the fine wine circle.
Inspiration comes from the imagination of "Flower, Grass and Water Language" and the unremitting pursuit of high-quality raw materials, just like the bizarre cocktail, both of which touch across the border.
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