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The gentleness of May is the love from mom.

This occasionally likes to lick this little song.

Love to buy a lot of beautiful clothes

A shy woman who receives a gift from Dad

Will also cook a good meal

Will also take care of trivial life

This mother's day

I want to let the superwoman change back to the girl who was full of girls...





La Moda



Empress Dowager






Recommended index: ★★★★★

As the name suggests, we will "dominant" into one into a bouquet, and integrate each big flower to make the green leaves grow long. Finally, the big bunch of flowers can make people feel full of enthusiasm.

If you don't know enough about the extent to which the word "surprise" can be seen, send "The Empress Dowager". Of course, you can also give your mother a big surprise in the trunk!



La Moda

Bouquet, cluster



Price: 999 yuan

Recommended index: ★★★★

With brilliant colors, it highlights vitality and expresses love more. The combination of green flowers and flowers makes the flowers more natural, and the flowers are very lively and extraordinary. It is the ideal choice for Mother's Day.




La Moda




Price: 599 yuan 299 yuan

Recommended index: ★★★★

"Pee medicine" is known as the flower god of May. It is very special. When it is not open, it is a posture that wraps itself into a small round egg, like a child who is shy and refuses to show up. When you bloom, you will be full of strength and bloom in an instant.

The pink color is a long-lasting color, and there is no rules. We inject barrel creativity, break through the tradition, and protect the mother's heart.




La Moda

SKULTUNA Swedish brass series



Brass flower

Price: 3680 yuan

The texture of the flower is like the reflection of the window in the Suzhou garden. The art has been changed from the flower, and its aesthetic theme is freedom. For the mother who doesn't know much about flowers, it's more human, from the hand-picked small wild flowers on the roadside to the precious flowers in the flower shop. Arbitrary placement is also a work of art.


Small candlestick

Price: 540 yuan (single)

1620 yuan (set of three)


Storage vessel SML

Price: 640.720.830

The finished brass will have a better gloss and a stronger corrosion resistance. Therefore, the viewing effect and practicality are very strong.


La Moda

Yongsheng flower box series


Midsummer night's dream

Price: 880 yuan

The eternal life of the flower is eternal, and the flowering period is indefinite but it must be maintained. The eternal flower box is a must for decoration to protect the eternal flower. The versatile and exquisite appearance blends into the glamour of the eternal flower. When you choose to send eternal flowers, you can't forget the flower box.


Yongsheng flower box single

Price: 380 yuan

Everlasting Flower Box ML

Price: 1680 yuan 2880 yuan



La Moda

Fragrance series


ME FT.WE Passport Perfume Set

Price: 569 yuan

In addition to being expressed in words, the fragrance can also represent a person's taste and temperament, because every encounter is a kind of encounter, the taste of the heart is the way every woman can't resist expressing herself, to her mother. Let her shine more in ordinary life.


ME FT.WE metal incense

High, normal, short

Price: 669 yuan 569 yuan 569 yuan


ME FT.WE paper art spread

Price: 569 yuan



La Moda

Flower, silent



Nordic flower

Price: 399 yuan 369 yuan

Choosing a beautiful flower is the first step in the beauty of flowers. The introduction can be combined with any bunch of flowers, which is the best way to create an atmosphere.

Send your mother a bunch of flowers and choose a simple flower as the place to stay.



Mom is the girl in the old days.

Even though the years are thicker

Her girl’s heart is still pure

This early summer

Change my favor for her



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