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Each generation has its own memories, but these memories may be consumed by the changes of the times until they are not seen. Just like people living in Shanghai, it is no stranger to the Caojiadu flower and bird market. It is a landmark in Shanghai. Every Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are all here, but accompanied. The Caojiadu flower and bird market of Shanghai people in the past decade has completely ended in early 2018. 



Many Shanghainese people like to be in the Caojiadu flower and bird market, and have even become a consumption habit. The fresh flowers and rich styles are the memories of a generation of Shanghai people for a better life.


This time, La Moda is ready to bring the "Time Machine", and everyone will return to the Caojiadu Flower and Bird Market to experience the grand scene of the city. The theme event "Flowers and Birds Fish Pets" was held in the green area of Caojiadu.



In the enamel that is not far from the original Caojiadu Flower and Bird Market, we will hold an event here, taking the route of purchasing flowers and returning to the original appearance of memory.


We sell flowers here, as well as different styles of flowers, aromatherapy, and some space decorations, making this a miniature version of the Caojiadu flower and bird market.



The Caojiadu flower and bird market not only has flowers, but also small animals. At that time, many children who went to school in Jing'an District went to the small shops around the market to see small animals after school.


In order to better feel the atmosphere of memories, we brought the fish pets into the enamel.



Doing this activity is that the farewell of the year was really rushing, and before it was time to wave, the time has already erased the sensation of a generation. We think that since we can't say goodbye better, it is more ceremonial to recall.



In the place closest to the Caojiadu Flower and Bird Market, we moved in with flowers and pets to build the look of memories. La Moda also has great benefits for everyone.



Flower and bird fish pet

The memories of a generation of Shanghainese





 La Moda 活动福利 


La Moda Event Benefits



Every Saturday floral class

(can be registered in advance)


5.12 Mother's Day

Free distribution of 500 carnations


5.20th confession day

Free distribution of 500 roses



Activity Address: 838 Wanhangdu Road

830 meters walk from No.3 Lund Road Station, Metro Line 11/13

Green land







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