LaModa floral class | If it is beautiful, let life be a bit more artistic



The style of life begins with learning to meet beauty

The beauty given by nature is transformed into a silhouette of art.

The integration of art into life is a wonderful beginning.

La Moda understands the beauty of life

Planting flowers quietly in the delicious

The sense of ritual in this life has never been a matter of course.

We have opened floral courses many times.

Not long ago, I also held a professional level floral class in Green Lake.

Let people who appreciate life and feel life learn a more professional taste of life



At this moment, La Moda opens 8 new high-grade floral courses

Open a new life art for you



- Floral first experience -


No girls don’t like flowers

But the festival is not every day.

I often pass by the flower shop to buy a bunch of flowers I like and enjoy myself.

Is an indispensable little taste in life.

I can buy it and I don’t know how to put it.

I want a beautiful heart in a moment.

So understanding the floral masterpiece is really every beauty who loves life.

Compulsory homework




- Let the life island become an aesthetic space -


Home is the island that surrounds life

One day's fatigue is only at the moment of going home.

To be released

Such a promised land

Is the best place to accommodate the beauty of life

How to match flowers with space, lighting and color

This class has the best answer.




- Embelled life bouquets and Korean packaging -


If you can buy the flowers yourself one day

Wrap a bouquet of flowers with your own aesthetic

The girlfriends and relatives who have given birthdays

At this moment, it seems that they can feel the happiness of their faces.




- Making romantic memories of the bride's bouquet -


Towards a new happy life in the palace of the wedding

White wedding dress with a beautiful bouquet

Pass the bouquet to the next happy person

The mission of a bouquet of flowers on a special day

Have a special meaning




- Wild and beautiful natural flower arrangement -


The same flower material can present thousands of gestures

This is the charm of natural wildness

Know them, create them, appreciate them

After this interesting process experience, you will know the wonderful feelings.




- Freedom and unrestrained Japanese-style grass -


Japanese style flower path originated from the Buddhist temple in China during the Sui Dynasty

After passing to Japan

Its national conditions, geography, and its development to the three major schools today

Grassy flow is the most contemporary and avant-garde

It symbolizes the freedom and unrestrained desire of people today.

More liked by people who love flowers and understand flowers




- Architecture inspiration in life -


I am afraid that the simple floral skills can't satisfy the fans who have the first craft.

How to create more artistic and professional works in life

This may be your gateway to art and floral art.




- The smashing killer's dinner table flower -


The sense of ritual of life is becoming more and more important for the social rhythm of today’s strong pressure

Occasionally, a lively party is the beginning of a good mood.

If there is a flower decoration between the seats, it will increase the warm atmosphere.

I am sure that my friends will be happy and envious.



The beauty of life is the beauty of living seriously.

If it is already beautiful

Let it live a little more art


8 La Moda Floral Course

Take you into the door to the aesthetics of life art


La Moda Floral Course


class time

Every Saturday and Sunday AM10:00-12:00


Class address

01B La Moda, 159 Madang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai


contact number

Tel: 021-63339301


Course tuition

    680 yuan / festival / person

  You can enjoy a special price of 4,380 yuan when you purchase 8 courses.


* Floral classes include La Moda drinks*



  Featured Private Course

Sex and the City sex and the city sister group exclusive


4 people can make an appointment for class

880 yuan / festival / person

A set of La Moda Happy Hour afternoon tea

Class time and course content

You can make an appointment according to the preferences of the sister group.



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