As long as you are jealous, we will give you Sesame Street! La Moda X SESAME STREET



As the saying goes, the interesting soul picks one.

Each featured soul needs Sesame Street more

Such an inclusive community.

La Moda teamed up with SESAME STREET

In Xintiandi, such a well-connected,

The offline community of Haina Baichuan, the neighbors changed and did not tighten, there are more surprises.



The card issuer also has a package to play, but I have never seen it so strong.



The most amazing place this time is La Moda combined with SESAME STREET

Waiting for the other 5 Xintiandi merchants to build this community together,

Interpret the concept of "being different from neighbors".

Interacting with different stores is also part of this mission. Of course, punching 2 is enough.

Go to the store to complete the corresponding punching task and get the La Moda exclusive sticker.

After entering the main venue experience after punching in, you will complete the "2+1" punching task and redeem the surprise surrounding.


The few daily partners who spend their time at La Moda

You can also get limited surprise products.

Confirm the small ticket with La Moda

You can also get a small gift from the PBM main venue!


La Moda will give you another gossip

That's right 3.28

You may meet Guan Xige at the main venue.

As for the time, it depends on your luck.


Image from: Chen Guanxi Weibo



3.28 -3.31

Sesame Street Partner is at La Moda Xintiandi Flagship Store

Don't miss it!




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