White Valentine's Day | "If you want, I will always love you."


I will give you my entire soul.

Together with its quirks

Playing with a small temper

1,800 kinds of bad diseases

It's really annoying

Only a little better

love you


—— Wang Xiaobo "Love you is like love life" 



Sincere and interesting Wang Xiaobo can always write sentences that seem to be vernacular and can directly hit your heart. In the ordinary life, the rice, oil and salt, the love and hate in the long rivers of the years, always linger in my heart. Touching this flaw requires only a few words.



"Love you is like loving life", plain and unspoken in the form of letters telling the passionate love of two people. In the face of love, Xiaobo is like a child, and fluently talks about the joy and love in her heart. "If you want, we will fall in love. If you don't want to, we will love each other." In front of the loved one, everyone will degenerate into a childish child.



When you are with interesting people, life will not become boring. Even the plain life of a vegetable or a meal will glisten because of his existence. Eternal love should be that two people grow up with each other and make themselves become better me for each other.


After Wang Xiaobo’s death, Li Yinhe once asked a profound question: Since life is so fragile and short-lived, why does God still let it exist? Since the beautiful flowers will wither, and the good love will be annihilated, why should God let it exist?



La Moda tells you that this answer may be love! Love makes everything eternal.


If there is something in this world that is eternal, then maybe it is love. Also, as Haruki Murakami said in "Norwegian Forest": "Death is not the end of life, it will last forever as part of life."



Love, keep life fresh. This time, your love is enough to keep the flowers fresh.


In addition to selling flowers, we also want to sell eternal love. La Moda eternal flower box, best for keeping love on this white Valentine's Day. The storage period of 3-5 years is stronger than flowers, and it can be delicate and still need to be taken care of, just like your love.



I love you just like loving life, but life is always, wonderful or dull, just as hard as love. Love, don't ask the result, as long as it will shine in your memory, it is worth it. Just like flowers, the delicate decoration of your life, left in your memory, is a meaningful existence. La Moda Margaret Flower Box, blooms for you on this white Valentine's Day.


Margaret flower box 999 yuan / serving


"I was twenty-one years old that day. In the golden age of my life, I have a lot of extravagant hopes. I want to love, want to eat, and I want to become a cloud in the sky in a moment. Then I realized that life is A slow process of being hammered, people grow old day by day, and hopes are gone day by day, and finally become like a hammered cow. But I did not foresee this when I was 21st birthday. I feel that I will always be If you survive, you can't hammer me."

—— From Wang Xiaobo's "Golden Age"




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