Valentine's Day | In a bunch of flowers, find your ideal story



Who is not feeling

Talking about "love" is a vulgar thing

A while on the side of the movie




Who is not shouting

Never believe in love again

While you are sure that you will be different



In daily rituals

Fighting together to make a story like yours

Your love ideal story

What is it like?




I smelled the scent of her hair in the air.

Kissed her soft lips

Touched her warm hands

I would rather have these short moments.

Not willing to have loneliness and eternal life without these

- "City of Angels"







I know that the feeling of love will fade.

Just like a photo

But you have saved my heart.

Always beautiful

- "August Photo Gallery"



So many years

holding your hand

Just like the left hand holding the right hand, there is no feeling

But cutting it will hurt

--"A sigh"



There are so many ideal plots about love.

In the heart of every girl

Have a bunch of flowers to make the plot more full

La Moda Valentine's Day Bouquet

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This valentine

Flowers and love are worth looking forward to



I always knew that in my life

There will be someone like you

Such as the refreshing wind in the mountains, such as the warm light of the ancient city

From early morning to night, from the mountain to the study

It doesn't matter

As long as you are the rest of your life,

1.2 m large bouquet

Only give you the most special


- Price 6666 ¥




Love begins with confession

Love you, I will answer with my life.

In all the beautiful scenery

I like you the most.

Watching you spend thousands of miles with flowers

2019, I still love you.

- Price 2888¥





Want to melt with you

Melted in the scent of vegetation and roses

I think about your sweetness every day.

Fortunately, let me meet you.


- Price 1314 ¥





Time flies

But the days of love

Just settled down like this

Opened a happy flower

Love without fear of time and space

Every Valentine

Love is with you


- Price 1314 ¥





The wildness and restlessness of your appearance

  I can't hide the softness of a woman in my bones.

The sweetness of the sweet flower

That is the endless charm that belongs to you.

You are the girl who never fades in my heart.


- Price 1314 ¥






The tree shadow is fresh and gentle

Flowers will light your black cockroaches

The voices that flow around

I am standing by your side at the moment.

Can't help but hold your hand


- Price 520 ¥







Join hands with you

You are shaking your time with gentleness.

Bright flowers

It’s amazing when I first saw you.

Full of love

Our love looks unique


- custom bouquet




Love for me

Not a skin kiss, not a vegetable and a meal

It is an undead desire

Is a heroic dream in exhausted life

Fix the beauty and fragrance of the flowers

Never scented fragrance flower

Make your Valentine's Day more wonderful


——COTE NOIRE fragrance




"  我不想我的女人在任何一个关于爱情的节日里,羡慕别的女人 " 



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