Christmas | Life is different because of the ritual we give it.
The word probably contains more than half the warmth of winter: lingering love words, furry sweaters, warm hugs, and romantic dating.
In December, every corner of the city already has a strong or weak Christmas breath. La Moda is also renovated by the Christmas decoration, gold and silver decoration of the Christmas wreath, the Christmas tree surrounded by light bulbs, as well as clustered flowers, your heart's expectations of Christmas slowly lit up.
Because of the cold winter, there is also a warm and eternal longing for the end of the cold; and Christmas has become the winter's most able to melt the cold and the light of the heart. It has broken the hard shell of you and me, so that the cowardly and ill-expressed wayward child, out of the shadow, become a more responsible and sensitive to the joys and sorrows of other people's open-minded and tolerant adults.
And this adult is precisely the most childish child. We take great care to decorate the Christmas atmosphere, select gifts, and when the snow is shining, a little warmth of the dusk and the liveliness of the red and green can be put on a large scale...
The happiness of Christmas is too much to refuse! uuuuuuuuuuuu
At this time of year, you will want to decorate your home, put on a Christmas tree, decorate it with lovely decorations, and pile gifts next to it. Of course, I will buy a gift for myself and reward myself for another busy year.
La Moda's buddies are already ready for Christmas. Christmas trees, wreaths and Christmas theme bouquets decorated with your favorite look are on sale, bringing home will add a touch of warmth and Christmas atmosphere to your life, as well as a Christmas set meal at La Moda.
There were blingbling lights flickering on the Christmas pine trees, and the candlesticks on the table were surrounded by cypress branches and small red fruits. Maybe it will be snowing again in a few days. If you like, come to La Moda and order a glass of wine to feel warm. Don't let the ritual feel absent from your Christmas.
All of this is to hope that there should be temperature in this festival. On a quiet day, on that most special festival, life is different because we give it a sense of ritual.
Come to La Moda and order your exclusive Christmas gift!



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