Deep Palace Strategy | La Moda Qing Palace "Demon" lets you debut in Halloween C

The Qing Palace drama is in the way, and the deep palace strategy is in the hearts of the people. Forbidden City Horror Legend Do you know?

The walls of the rainy night always reflect the shadow of the palace lady; the unmanned toilet will ring the door knocking from time to time; the dry well in the corner will never be your face.

Yesterday, the invitation from the Qing Dynasty, did you receive it?



At dusk, the autumn wind swept up the fallen leaves, and only the crows made a terrible cry. La Moda's door is covered with a web of spiders, 吱嘎 - 吱嘎 - swinging with the wind. Stepping into this door, the bitter chill will take you back to the "cold palace."



La Moda Halloween is different. Tired of Trick Or Treat's old tricks, the dress of the vampire and the vampires are outdated, and the clown and the queen of the spades have also been OUT. La Moda brings you a midnight carnival, which makes you debut in the circle of friends.



The sanctuary that has been asleep for a hundred years has long been a skeleton, and the dust-filled memorials have been opened. Gorgeous but cold armor and flag can not find the owner, piled in the pool of blood. The sealed zombie is lonely to send you a "demon", a bloody daughter with a cup of money is red, and you will not be trapped forever tonight.



All of you, the Imperial Restaurant, have prepared a good meal for you to enjoy. La Moda will never treat the taste buds after your carnival, do you want a mummy cake or a spider sorbet? If you are undecided, it is better to ask the little devil who has just returned from sugar.



In addition to the food and wine, La Moda wants to bring you the heart and the new carnival. As the trend of the magical lifestyle, La Moda is committed to bringing attitude, inspiration and exquisiteness to your life, bringing you an unprecedented experience of life aesthetics.



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