VENICE CARNIVAL in QINGDAO | Open the next 365 days you are looking forward to



Night falls, Chinese lights first


Moonlight sprinkled over the sea, sparkling, shadows surging

Under the quiet seashore, the passion emerges quietly.

Relive the splendor and carnival of the CASANOVA era

Masks and Chinese costumes complement each other

In the beautiful La Moda, you are the most dazzling

Let us put aside the celebrities and nobles

Together, drama!

2018.10.28 19:00

La Moda Qingdao Hisense Plaza Store 2nd Anniversary

Venice Carnival Party



Dramatic immersive party

Challenge your perception of beauty and elegance

European manor of the seventeenth century

In addition to flowers, sculptures and neon

There are also Venetian masks that are hard to hide.

One time La Moda is like the back garden in the city.


Special guests dressed up to attend

Industry big coffee, business elite, fashion people, media of all parties

Influential guests from all fields gathered together

Witnessed Qingdao Modern Life Aesthetics Museum

Open the third 365 days

La Moda shines this night


The symphony sounds, the blazing lights will be romantically refracted

A refined and sumptuous table that highlights La Moda's superb dining standards

Bluefin Gold Tomahawk Steak Italian Ham

Let the carnivores eat fast

Desserts and fruit cups with delicious flavors are loved by women

Having a cocktail

Waiting for the party with a pleasant mood


Qingdao famous TV host Ma Xiao & Jing Xue

Let the eyes gather


Mr. Yan Teng, founder of La Moda brand

Ms. Wang Yihong, General Manager of La Moda Qingdao Hisense Plaza Store

Speech in turn, making the applause


Fun games and chip redemption give visitors a full return

Exquisite flower baskets and handicrafts receive countless accolades

The atmosphere culminates in a gorgeous cocktail show

Smiling mouth and flying brow

Burning Venice Carnival Night

Freeze in music and dance steps


Autumn two years ago

La Moda quietly blooms in Qingdao Hisense Plaza

Upholding the elegance and elegance of La Moda

Flowers cocktails delicious meals

Converging in the same space as creative home and imported fragrance

Apply life aesthetics to every detail

At the same time, it is the spirit of water in Qingdao coastal city.

The 270° sea view terrace is in harmony with the gentle sea breeze

Providing a happy place for the modern residents of the island city



From encountering each other to knowing each other

Another 365 days La Moda spends with Qingdao

More fashionable, more modern, more refined life aesthetics


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