Life Aesthetics | You and the Fashion Circle Just come to La Moda once


The cool breeze of autumn passes over the moon shadow

Stars Halo brightens the dark night with the manor

Red lips, high heels, light heart

Set aside bushes and jungle

Bypassing the cold stone statues and delicate flowers


Welcome to the Fashion Circle Midnight Manor


European manor of the seventeenth century

In addition to flowers, sculptures and neon

There is also fashion, eye-catching and stylish

Fantastic 100 Midnight Manor Fashion Festival

FAIRY teamed up with La Moda

   Showing unprecedented fashion aesthetics



"FAIRY" as a fashionable and inseparable online magazine

The fashionable festival invites hundreds of fashionable merchants, industry big coffees, and consulates of various countries.

Jointly unveil the brand that represents the most fashionable lifestyle

Fashion art lifestyle

Cross-border integration ceremony



La Moda wakes up the icy sculpture with oil paint

Flowers and green plants interweave a different kind of prosperity

Fluorescent neon gives the aristocratic garden a modern and modern

Trend and retro coexist

Extremely stimulating aesthetics make people look new

Mouth, body and brain

In addition to the fun, inspiration, attitude and exquisiteness

This night

La Moda takes you to the magical lifestyle of the magic city



The front end, the most fun, the most fashionable

FAIRY has undergone long-term research and screening

A comprehensive guide to this year's trendy lifestyle

Dust settles between Ambilight

Fantastic 100

Comprehensive guide to the annual lifestyle

Fairy Zoo

La Moda

Rong Rong

Best Fashion Lifestyle of 2018

Life Aesthetics Experience Award



Behind the glamour is La Moda’s always

Focus and fashion attitude

The combination of new ideas and intentions is everything that is sincere

A collection of fashion, art and lifestyle

More than flowers and wines

More committed to providing you with the most intimate aesthetics of life


Blending fashion and trends

Pour the style into one meal, one wine, one flower

In the eyes of La Moda

A moment of presentation to the customer in addition to the store

There is also a good life inspiration and attitude



Completely break the traditional store model

Exquisite meals and fine wines

Beautiful creative home and imported fragrance

Are cleverly integrated into one space

La Moda

Not a simple shop

It is the place of life in the modern urban fashion circle.


La Moda © 2014