La Moda quietly bloomed in the Mixc, Qingdao

 In this land full of boundless reverie  A different story is replaced every day.There is a curtain of dreams.

Today, the protagonist is a bosom friend --La Moda who has an insoluble source from Qingdao.

The so-called bosom friend is hard to find.
From the first encounter in Qingdao
La Moda has produced an incredible chemical reaction with the city.
Falling in love with a person does not need any reason.
No antecedents, nothing to do with wind and moon, but love.
Just like falling in love with a city
Feeling unknown
But it happened at the same time.
La Moda the Mixc store
It's the way we want to socialize our new generation.
And visual elements into the party atmosphere.
This idea is both COOL and challenging.
The most popular coloured terrazzo nowadays
Metallic decorative lines, colorful contemporary materials
And modern detail design makes space lively and smart.
La Moda is good at flower art, which is the focus of the whole space.
At the entrance, we have created a florist studio where every day the florists present the latest works and ideas. Customers can enjoy the live creation of the florists while tasting the coffee and wine. The bar area is connected with the small backstage.
La Moda's co-musicians are here to present different styles of music.
Art lamps and lanterns made of metal installation, both retro and fashionable, full of satisfaction style, forming a unique symbol of the bar.
La Moda wakes up another world in your heart.
The four seasons bloom and never fade.
Love is The Flower of life is shown in La Moda Autumn 2018--.
This is not only a blooming flower, but also an expression of life.
La Moda is a life hall of romantic flowers and design art.
La Moda the collision between flowers and art
La Moda exclusive afternoon tea & cocktail,
Every fine meal and wine is made by a florist.
Finishing with the bartender, the La Moda brings different feelings.
Earl Grey Tea (red tea, marigold, safflower)
Spain's 5J Cinco Jotas Iberian 36 month hind leg ham
(with olive and bread sticks)
Just like this La Moda
Fresh flowers, delicious food
We want to bring you all the good things in life.
And I hope that you can become a part of your life from now on.
Harvest season in Bailu early autumn
Let's walk into La Moda.
There is a slow time to hide in this city.
Pick up the temperature of life.
La Moda Qingdao the Mixc store
Address: No. 6 Shandong Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, Huarun, the Mixc, LG172
Tel: 0532 - 55768533


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