For love's dream forest --La Moda grand opening of Nanjing art living space




On September 10, 2018, Nanjing, a city hall featuring La Moda's exquisite art of tea, cocktails, floral art and home furnishings, landed in the historic and cultural city of Nanjing. Mr. Geng Teng, founder and CEO of La Moda Brand, attended the opening ceremony. Celebrated celebrities, business elites, fashionistas and brand friends from all walks of life celebrated the grand opening of La Moda's Arthurian Square store around Nanjing.

In pursuit of beautiful people, it brings a dream of forest like romantic life.







La Moda Nanjing Ring Yakatherine Square Store, with a new perspective on life, it boldly interprets the way contemporary urban life. La Moda's Nanjing Store has broken the traditional pattern, pursued aesthetic attributes in meeting the functional requirements of the products, fascinated by the blending of rationality and sexuality, blended life and art with philosophical methods, and not forgotten people. For the purpose of this design, while meeting the needs of users'life and application, it has two charming faces, classical and modern. In order to bring the design aesthetics and creativity which are in harmony with the times to the renowned historical city of Nanjing, we pay a deep tribute to this famous cultural city.




The design of La Moda Nanjing Ring Yakatherine Square is inspired by the love of the design team for the Dream Forest. People coming to La Moda can meet their future lovers, friends and confidants on the "Spanish Stair". Let's hope this space can become a common exploration of culture, art and life. The steps are also good for reading or chatting with a friend over a cocktail, calming down and slowly immersing yourself in the world that belongs only to you.





The design of the second floor, using a large number of Italian style, Baroque sculpture, color collision, beautiful layout, straight line foot, and the use of perspective will be building, sculpture, painting into one room. Italian style has a strong sense of perspective and sculpture, creating both ancient Greek elegance and the magnificent scene of Rome, is a more close to the liberation of human personality and humanistic thinking of the simple, clear, harmonious new interior design style.



The founder of La Moda and the Nanjing shop leaders opened the ribbon cutting ceremony.


La Moda Team group photo taken








The bartender's cocktail is specially designed with creative snacks.


Live Quartet performance and live LIVE SHOW performance



Music director from La Moda

Yu Yang, who graduated from Duke University in the US, brings live DJ performances.


People from different countries, different sexes, different occupations come together to express their unlimited imagination of life. "Friends are the most important asset of La Moda. La Moda can't help but amaze a cafe or bar, where there is a sense of life attitude, the pursuit of human ideals, there are friends and lovers of the same spirit. One day, when people mention it here, they will remember.

La Moda carries the beauty of our memory. "








La Moda, whose theme is flowers, was born in Italy, the capital of aesthetics, and was inspired by the collision of art, design and culture. Combining the space with the flower art ingeniously, we can see the immortal flowers flowing with the life force, the beautiful creative home, the delicious food and wine and the wonderful music coexist in the same space. The founder Geng Teng upholds the concept of one flower and one heart design, wishing the beautiful life not only blossoms like flowers, but also connotation. Cover the meaning of respecting the law of life, so that every life can be perfectly and freely expressed, and constantly pursue, so that life in incisively and vividly shine!

La Moda Nanjing store

Address: Catherine 1 Plaza, Beijing East Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing.

1 level G-3-1, 2 tier G-3-2


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