"Lemon tail" airborne La Moda, beauty is not like words.

La Moda X Haagen Dazs August 24th - 26

Limit three days

Open lemon Summer Tail store mode

For the exquisite fairies,

Daily special adjustment of a lemon wine.









🍋La Moda store layout


🍋Popular host and actor Li Chong unlocked live broadcast

La Moda works together with Haagen Dazs to create a limited number of mysterious creative ice products


🍋Guests enjoy ice cream.


Special welfare

* go to shop every day.

The first ten customers to buy "lemon summer Eden".

Take photos and share them with friends.

You can get a "lemon Xia Yongsheng flower ball".

* take photos at the store and share them with friends.

You can enjoy it free of charge.

A ball of Haagen Dazs lemon snow and snow mud.



* for details, please go to the store for enquiries.

01B La Moda, 159 Ma Dang Road, Shanghai

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