La Moda takes you into the summer Winston Garden

  La Moda's elaborate Winston Garden takes you into the secret garden of the city and puts you in the sea of gems and flowers.


Push the door of Harry Winston.

Everything is different.

A sea of flowers emerges before us.

Walking in the flower sea,

I can't help but to touch every brilliant flower.

A warm and sunny flower.

The graceful and elegant forget me not.

Lilium lilac,

There is always a heart that can capture you.






La Moda Florist personally hand flowers bouquet to Harry Winston to attend guests.



La Moda flower designer integrates flowers with jewelry.

Under the meticulous efforts of florists,

The theme is designed to be --Garden.

Flowers that match flower design and jewelry design elements.

Combine the beauty of nature with the beauty of luxury.

A luxurious summer feast was held.



Every jewelry has its own figure.

Easy stroll in the flower sea.

Open your Winston garden.

Looking for your exclusive Winston garden.

Search for the bright one that belongs to you.




"The name of the sun can not be stopped."

Xiangyang flower Sunflower large diamond ring



Lily cluster Lily Cluster Mini diamond platinum / Gold Pendant


Lily cluster Lily Cluster small diamond platinum / Gold Stud Earrings



Don't forget my Forget - Me - Not sapphire dripping earrings.


About Harry Winston: The founder, Harry Winston, son of a small jewellery store owner, discovered a real Emerald from a jumbled tray of synthetic gems at the age of 12 and sold it for $25 for a second sale of $800. Later this talent grew into a personal collection of celebrities and dignitaries, and then redesigned.




 Harry Winston Hope Diamond



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