La Moda The transformation of Italy artist Marianna, pop art spring fashion floral "revolutionary"

 In the early stage of the pop art POP SPRING course, Italy artist Marianna used pop art to create "popular, fashionable" inspiration on the shop windows of La Moda.

La Moda art director Marianna in Shanghai Xintiandi flagship store, three days of window art creation.


Marianna uses the color of spring to match La Moda, the fashionable immortal flower to collide with the POP SPRING art creation course.

Afternoon tea & creative space for the course

They say: the color of life needs to be carefully examined and adjusted in the course of the process. It can also add different ornaments to the uniqueness of their own.


Marianna teaches us to create pop art with you.

The guests created their own pop art works and Marianna group photos, each of which is a unique creation.

Marianna's latest creation of immortal flower Popper art flower

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