La Moda X Lakeville Series Hers, a tribute to taste choose flowers, taste of life


A musical sonata of the 1871, a hundred years of old age of aging

A candlelight molecule, taste the most ritual romance

A "Live Flesh", adorned the most charming Christmas eve......



La Moda

A lifestyle consultant with a perfect integration of flower art, art and life aesthetics.

Graduated from La Moda founder Enrico of Accademia Lirica Italiana college in Milan, Italy, deeply influenced by European art and culture, and incorporated Oriental structure into it. As the last lesson this year, "Lakeville Series Hers, Lakeville" series of activities of the hostess flower class, he has created an illusion of sight and hearing, smell, taste and touch the five sense for female people, a "immersion" the ultimate experience, drunk do not know place.




"I have seen a flower, and the artist draws it into a murals.

As the raindrops fall down, the pigments are gradually desalination. "

The end of the year is approaching, Lakeville hostesses,

Avoid to manage a ceremonial "family dinner", our rich life.





Floral master Enrico carefully selected every flower, every leaf has its natural characteristics, color, texture and texture, through imagination and design, flowers can be a separate element in space, visual focus of the present; can be a kind of atmosphere, interact with people, space and time can be extended; the spiritual dimension, reflects the natural desire and yearning for freedom. Flowers are no longer static and isolated, but they are surging in space.

A piece of flesh qianyindichang.





"The sound of the cello is like a river,"

The left bank is a memory I can't forget.

The right bank is a bright year worth holding.




The live play of the cellist

Mr. Wu Minzhe, chief of the cello of the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra


Remember the "delicate picture" in Downton Abbey? The etiquette details of modern man moment grade heart for life in every heart, every morning, the family of the Earls of Grantham castle, is accompanied by the melodious music, start a new day of life. In this flower art course, a cello from 1871 has been extended for a long time, which adds to the scene of the ancient times and the atmosphere of aestheticism.




Galiano family craftsmen made antique Cello in 1871


As the water in music concert, in Lakeville Living Museum of art is playing slowly, sometimes high pitched and clear, like high wood and Long Yin, sometimes crooning, like the little brook Ding Dong, cellist Wu Minzhe devoted the ancient Miao Mian pian,

Played hundreds of years ago, the Galiano family history intoned musicians.




"If you are joyfully ushered in the day and night,

Life is as fragrant as flowers and vanilla.





Flowers bring flowers, also accompanied by a cocktail of flavor and food dessert fragrance, with slightly tipsy, slightly sweet, create flowers for the hostess' dream high. The whole process is not only a kind of floral skills show, it is a pleasing big show in the dreamlike scene, indulge in the beautiful flowers, wine, sweet flowers and elegant, overlapping several kinds of smell is just perfect, a long-awaited feast.




After putting down the tableware,

The aftertaste is a little heartbeat.







The molecular cuisine of dreams - from the top Mr Catering of the magic



Elegant table is not only a descriptive, prohibit flowing floral works, from the delicacy taste more fragrant, with all together into the flower in the world. When the chef to send a considerable level when cooking, rising smoke instantly enveloped with relish taste from three kinds of taste of chocolate. This unique experience, is definitely a future fantasy world belongs to taste new.




"Christmas has a romantic feeling that can't be described.

Because of its beauty that has escaped life by christmas"





Christmas wreath, pineapple and cinnamon wood touch is at hand, a warm Christmas atmosphere, and the production of Christmas Garland full of festival atmosphere not only decorate home life, but also increase the joy of solar terms. The flowers of the season are the most familiar touch in winter, and you also have a unique imagination space, which is the design of the flower art.



This is the feast of Art


The flower art master Enrico combines colorful styles, skills, materials, themes and forms, triggering everyone to think about the idea of art and life. From natural materials, with the blue coral stumps, romantic natural breath, let a piece of the original static desktop - whether that is a horizontal line produce rhythm of flowers and branches connected to the flow, or structural growth and the crystal candle well-proportioned, have great vitality. In the light the candle when flowing in the space of classical music through the audience, in this wonderful year, precious experience in life.




The Lakeville floral class, in addition to the well-known flower master Enrico bring the vivid floral course, whether it is Galiano family hundred years ago the guqin, or bring the molecular dessert immortal fog filled, silky mellow cuisine, immersive experience the full range of extraordinary satisfaction.




Make a festive Christmas wreath, not only decorate Home Furnishing life, add solar term joy, but also for the last 2017 master class painting successful mezzo floral symbol.

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