Don't ask if there's a Freestyle! La Moda are all Freestyle!

 The first flower bartender & barista skills contest ended in La Moda new world flagship store,

This is the first time that La Moda has gathered in the new world store for skills competitions.
With their love and inspiration for cocktails and coffee, they have demonstrated the understanding and innovation of cocktails and coffee with superb artistry in the collection of Shanghai style culture in Shanghai.
Summer scene layout
The event reviewed guests from PernodRicard Nic, TORRES YoYo, Carre d' Artistes Allen, Frost & Sullivan Yves, BeGifted Teresa, and La Moda team
The skills competition champion: Kico bartender one works: poison
The skill contest runner up: Zhou Jingxuan coffee one works: Cup Mo Ting
The second runner up in the skills contest: bartender - Yang Tao, one of the works: Wandering Wonderland
8 contestants
Contestants explain their entries
Part of the entries
Review carefully taste and comment on each Cocktail & Coffee
Special thanks to La Moda designer and bartenders help you barista works add color
Guests posed for pictures
The entries are about to log into all the stores in the country, so please look forward to it!

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