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The longest confession in the world,

Is not standing in front of you every day that I love you;

But can not accompany every day,

I believe that time and heart will prove everything

The gift of truth, even if it is just a distant blessing,

Because of the hot real feelings deeply touches the soul, which is interesting.

Valentine's day, a picture of a bunch of flowers, a year of Valentine's Day


Carré d’Artistes X La Moda = Artsy Life





In this Valentine's day La Moda hand in hand from the original art gallery, Provence, France

Carré d’Artistes

In 14 countries around the world, such as New York, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Amsterdam, Shanghai city has 36 galleries... Etc., by original contemporary artists of the French Le Louvre Museum exhibition background assessment team of experts, specialized in high quality for the global contemporary art. As for beauty is the ultimate pursuit of leading Shanghai, self transcendence spirit, the spirit of original art and painting flower delivery. The artist exhibited more than 20 squares in 2017 from Paris, Spain, Argentina... Etc. artists around the world, with Xinyu for your love story with floral art custom selection of the one and only.



About the Story

February - sweet valentine Couple



La Moda selected 8 branches in the trees on the Wei Mao branch as a fulcrum, selection of Phalaenopsis and roses flourish and open, the symbol of love, not time bound, so love each other's character have respectively independent but emotionally rich and stable.





Carre d'Artistes from New York - Chinese artists at Siyang, contemporary ink painting, sketching, painting, adorable pet bear series bold use of color, to be loved and many customers, the picture of the two cubs look adorable but stay faithful rendering of sweetness and attachment in ordinary life.




March - wait for love, meet yourself on a trip




La Moda by Ecuador red roses and herbaceous plants, porcelain pots collocation metal texture, this painting author Belle economic independence, and beautiful appearance, still retains the essence of a romantic, pure and gentle.





"I really hope I like red hair girl in the picture, find the time easily riding a bicycle travel adventure, then find a trusted lifelong, together have a home! Painting author Belle calm but flashed a glimmer of hope to share.




April - get old with you



La Moda is used with flowing plants to create a visual line, but with a messy order, like accidentally becomes rice tea daily necessaries of married life, messy debris but with ordinary but sure love each other, can not be a simple lack of habit, but a symbol of companionship and long love.




 Shahine, the author of the painting, takes her colorful daily life, meetings, various cultures and colors into her creative emotion. Shahine tirelessly expressed her thoughts and suggestions on the visible world with the brush, and kept the Eternal Earth in the works of the nature and the relationship emotion.





Valentine's Day preorder

Concept: according to the sender of the story, the recipient reference color preference when / season / story / collocation... Flowers and paintings and other customized conditions, will be a bunch of flowers, a picture of the customized gifts every month delivery to the designated recipient's home / office, let the recipient every month in anticipation surrounded by surprise the gift of love in the atmosphere.

Price: 20609 yuan / year a total of 12 groups (symbol of love you to permanent)

The group includes: 1 13*13cm selected original works + 1 custom art flower ceremony

(including packaging, custom vases, shipping)

Time: 2017.2 - 2018.1 per month at the beginning of the month of delivery

Order: limited edition 10

Artist Gallery

Address: No. 150 Hubin Road Shanghai City Mall Huangpu District Hubin Road 1 E10

Tel: +86 021-63339272


Micro-blog: @carredartistes artist cube

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