La Moda play interesting color floral design Chopard palm met senior jewelry dinner


In Love with cinema Chopard met palm senior jewelry dinner

Start from the invitation,

Full of passion and wonderful design,

Luxury and uninhibited harmonious coexistence

Spring 2017

Global trends in the Versailles period of the palace flowers were secretly La Moda  used in the design concept of the invitation, effortlessly elegant into a small space.

Liu Tao appeared at the dinner scene

La Moda color floral design fun

Golden Palm senior jewelry exhibition

La Moda this design in addition to the 22 meters super super cool enchanting floral, a dinner table is automatically separated into a Project, runway, direct catwalk!!! Stunning!!!

La Moda and will not be disclosed in the spring and summer of 2017 works donated to the president of Chopard, the first appearance oh!

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