La Moda GO! For the love of running every good high - new public run vertical in Shanghai IFC

2016.10.23 Shanghai IFC, after the storm weather, filled with joy and warmth. This time we participate in the public vertical run, hoping to bring more people to the movement of happiness, passing more positive energy.

2016 "new public service" in Shanghai - run vertical IFC unveiled

Kung Fu Panda Po, "ambassador of love" the young actor Li Xian together with the child.

We are in the team / enterprise relay race, nearly 50 from the domestic well-known enterprises, the team together for the charity start.

Good child care business, guests wrote the wish card can brave blessing the children grow up happily, on the expression of sick children love in action.

Participation is victory, the result is not important, it is important that you work hard in this process, in order to charity love, Moda La team for love to break high!

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