La Moda opened for Manhattan to make the perfect light luxury apartment Chinese the punchline first!

 Manhattan View at MiMA where the project is located in Manhattan, new West is the modern history of the largest real estate development project - - Hudson development plan. The plan will have 16 building skyscrapers, including the Hudson Plaza project, apartments, hotels and so on. As part of the development plan for the Hudson and Manhattan View at MiMA is located in West 42nd Street, No. 460, the Cuntucunjin lots surrounding the property is rent not for sale, MiMA appeared to say is high-end residential market popped a "a dark horse".

Is a whole new York and throughout the country the most high-end residential building one of the MiMA building in 2012, by the world famous developers group of Switzerland (related companies in the development of the complete.


Shanghai construction and construction of overseas real estate center ceremony cum Shanghai construction View at MiMA Manhattan project in China starting ceremony.


La Moda is filled with exquisite floral scene throughout the ceremony, every corner of the city Moda La exudes taste flavor.


La Moda specially tailored for the female guests of the bride Flower Bracelet

Exquisite dessert combination

La Moda designed for the the brand men's VIP special Cocktails - sky

La Moda classic cocktail - Sunrise

All the time, all the guests enjoy La Moda especially for the MiMA brand custom cocktail tea


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