Shanghai Beijing La Moda * Chopard jewelry Bright Floral creation in Cannes


Chopard Cannes series all in Geneva top jewelry workshop crafted, embodies the designer, wax inlay casting expert and cutting gems and precious stones inlaid division and polishers professional knowledge and talented skill, precious and extraordinary.

Shanghai event site:

2016.7.7 La Moda senior flower cocktail "move" into the Shanghai IFC Chopard boutique.



La Moda site Cocktail modulation bartender

Exclusive VIP Chopard Cannes special tune


Chopard China general manager, Mr. Tasso, personally for the presence of VIP customer modulation Cocktail.


Beijing event site:


2016.7.9 Chopard Beijing Liz Carlton set the scene arrangement

2016.7.10 Chopard Beijing house club scene arrangement


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