La Moda*Chopard Pure Shine Bloom Shenzhen



Founded in 1860 by the Swiss Chopard Chopin brand,

Is a small number of the industry has been a family owned and managed by the brand.

Adhering to more than one hundred years of traditional essence and exquisite craft,

Always adhere to the pursuit of excellence,

Is a leader in the distinguished watches and jewelry industry.

In this summer Shenzhen MixCity

La Moda Chopard for the love of  friends brought not the same as the interactive experience.


La Moda to reproduce the classic

Each painting is a treasure of life,

Luxury and gorgeous, smart and bright.



From right to left

Chopard , General Manager of China Tasso, La Moda founder  Gengteng

Chopard, public relations manager, Ms. Wang Yi



The event Moda La by hand painting and ink painting to reproduce the Chopard classic.

The soft life paid each petal dotted with delicate and bright light, each piece of jewelry.

The flower of life that never fades to tell the brand culture of Chopard passed one hundred years.

Feel the extraordinary Chopard jewelry.



La Moda to reproduce the classic Chopin Chopard

Hearts Happy series


Warm and romantic activities


The event Mr Geng personally directed the creation



The good things and the pictures should be kept,

It should be eternal life,

Also because of this

"The flower of the storage time"

Became a mark of La Moda.

In one design

This is our original intention,

Is our reservation!

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