La Moda Xintiandi flagship store Grand Opening Shanghai

 2016.5.9 well-known lifestyle brand La Moda in Shanghai Xintiandi held a grand opening ceremony. By the fusion of life style, creative design, warm floral form and modern city bring another soul belonging. La Moda brand and many friends together to witness the opening of the memorable moments.

For La Moda, Xintiandi flagship store is not just a shop, also can let a person remove tired a harbor. City's footsteps in a hurry, so many times we will find no one can let oneself temporarily relax place, no work, no worries, just quietly enjoy life. La Moda from the brand started, just hope to a new concept of life style transfer to every person entering the shop, here, life and art are inseparable, we can enjoy our comfortable life, can also feel the art from the influence of the humanities, all quiet during the trial operation. At the flagship store have won a lot of praise and recognition, at the same time La Moda-LAB stores in Wujiaochang earlier this month officially opened.

At the opening party, La Moda for the guests prepare exquisite meals

The magnificent green sign wall

(from right to left) Harry Winston Marketing Director MS Jacqueline , La Moda founder Mr. Geng Teng, La Moda Art Director Marianna , Shanghai Xintiandi General Manager Mr Andy Zhang , MS Renee Wang . attended the ribbon cutting ceremony

La Moda founder and guests Geng Teng 

(from right to left) Ms. Becky and MS. Amilie weekly

(from right to left) La Moda art director, Ms Marianna and La Moda Space design director, Ms. Shen Fangqing

La Moda thanks always support our friends, hope La Moda, we are able to bring more spiritual comfort for the city, also can let more people La Moda as her "home", when you come in here, you also have inspiring like warmth. 

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