La Moda HARRY WINSTON to bright love * forever bloom


La Moda to join the world's century high-end jewelry brand Harry Winston

Build 2016 Bridal Event Spring



HARRY WINSTON brand has always been constantly making jewelry and watches senior lay new benchmark. Known as the "King of Diamonds" brand by the gem itself in order to guide the design direction, show itself, elegant, gorgeous jewelry bright temperament. And as the style and adhere to the brand logo. And plays an important role in the glorious history of Hollywood. Long term for the Oscar prize ceremony for the female star to provide jewelry.

The 2016 Spring Bridal Event, HARRY WINSTON and hope to experience every feeling full of hope for the wedding of women is not the same. La Moda art, aesthetics, fusion and never withering flower of life is perfect, just like HARRY WINSTON every piece of legendary precious jewelry, a symbol of undying love!




La Moda the event is to draw the outline of the elegant and noble women's image through the ink and wash painting. With the eternal flower of eternal life to dress up, to give each woman a portrait of the soul, so as to reflect the unique light of jewelry in women. And the female noble, elegant image of the most vivid temperament.

Activities, we play to imagine the characters dress up, and gives the characters a unique temperament.





La Moda founder Mr. Geng Teng personally guide you to create.




The flower of life that never fades and the legendary precious jewel of the WINSTON HARRY.





La Moda always believe that good things and images should be preserved, should be eternal. Also because of this, "the storage time of the immortal flower" has also become a mark of La Moda, like Harry Winston every legend precious jewelry, a symbol of eternal love!

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