The garden of the new heaven and earth is built!

La Moda, who has always been exploring more possibilities in urban life, continues to warm people in the city this winter. In Shanghai downtown new world, a new city landmark quietly open, that is the new La Moda city flagship store! La Moda traditional stores mode completely broken, fine food and wine, the storage time of living flower ", beautiful creative home and import fragrance, are ingenious fusion in a space, La Moda Xintiandi flagship store with a new perspective to interpret life, interpretation of communication. For Moda La, this may not be a simple shop, it is the interpretation of the modern urban life style of life.





Life, departure from the new world

Lift a new world, there is no doubt that the landmark of Shanghai. The fashionable young people, polite foreign friends are all here. In the new heaven and earth, the history of a city and the modern perfect fusion, become a model of the new way of life. And La Moda choose a new world, it is because from here, can be more close to make people feel the comfort and beauty of modern urban life style. In the new world, there are too many ways to choose, which is one of the reasons why Moda La chose the new world.



La Moda Garden

The fast pace of life and high pressure to make people communicate less and less sincere, only the communication between people is deep, can remove their defense, from the heart. Perhaps, we lack, is a can make us relaxed, free, places speak freely to each other. So La Moda in the city center for you to create such a place. No matter from the store design, or the overall tone are by the European study background of La Moda team carefully designed, and give full consideration to the people of the five senses experience, soft colors clash, essence of life to carry fine anthology of jazz music, colorful send out faint fragrance of imported flowers, delicate floral wobble, creative painting flowers, the combination of paintings, only to build can let you relax in the deep sea garden.



La Moda flower





In La Moda, flowers are the theme, but also make people feel the inspiration from art, design, culture collision. La Moda is not entirely the pursuit of the delicate and charming flowers, because one day they will wither, there is no longer a glamorous appearance, like the passing of the years. La Moda from beginning to end, are convinced that good things and picture is should be preserved and should be immortal, not with the passage of time and lose. Also because of this, the "storage time of the immortal flower" has become a mark of La Moda. And in the time of the transmission, La Moda also gradually into life, as part of the interpretation of the way of life.

Flower wine. Dessert

Yes, it's a flower shop, but it's not exactly a flower shop. Into the warm La Moda Xintiandi flagship store, it seems at the moment can and hurry say goodbye to the city, in the corner of the stick in the mud, food, flowers, wine, looking at the window is delicate, feel free to send a quiet time. In the La Moda in every meal and fine wine is by the florists and bartenders together to complete the creation of floral distinctive style. Floral division will be combined with the design and characteristics of the each a dessert and drinks flower production of wobble plate, but also according to the season, replace the floral design. Warm overall environment and fine home furnishings, blow on the face and light fragrance, ears heard the melodious jazz, all this can be to remove all day exhausted, as if place oneself in the flowers. Point a cup of coffee or Moda La special garden, so you can relax in the body.

In addition to good to drink a good value, La Moda in the service is also super close, stores have (small medical box, charging treasure, umbrella, etc.), for the guests to use.



Baccarat, let La Moda shining

The world top brands baccarat baccarat landing La Moda Shanghai Xintiandi flagship store, become China's only a baccarat Florist! This is not only a kind of affirmation, also philosophy fit after the success will come when conditions are ripe. A piece of art treasures like Baccarat crystal showing a magnificent world of purity. Baccarat's La Moda stationed, also let the light shine bright.

Flower art

La Moda to join the famous Italian artist Marianna Vittorioso, unique present creative painting, takes, the paintings to show where the characters. Also, also let adorn the life eternal vitality to reflect the paintings of flowers. This is an excellent continuation of the life of art, but also the first collection of paintings and the creation of the eternal life, through such cooperation, to express our city life to the arts, the study of life. Also let people feel the inspiration from art, design, culture collision.



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