Shanghai Yan burst table values here La Moda NEW party night 2015.12.17

The evening of December 17, 2015, the La Moda brand NEW Party night at LINX CLUB The La Moda brand good friends have attended, every chapter is unforgettable moment Thanks to the La Moda transformation and the growth of old friends accompany and witness La Moda

Art director La Moda Italy artist Ms. Marianna (left) and founder of CEO Mr. Geng Teng (left two)

La Moda, a founding partner of Ms. Zhang Liufang (left)

La Moda Yan burst table values Team

La Moda Lounge director Zachary Dragon (left three) and La ModaVIP customers

Media friends

Guests to attend the evening

That night a raffle, and La Moda the latest products of a midsummer night's dream gift!

La Moda presents a new season of "A Midsummer Night's dream" series

With medieval European art colour of the eternal life of flowers bloom, Dutch roses and Austin rose proudly, but without losing the graceful atmosphere; symphony of rice flower leaves fluttering butterflies in Mexico shadows, in the sun, telling a sweet love story.



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