La Moda iLady365 work together to create a "24 hour shopping without closing the" party night magic city [2015.08.28]

The evening of August 28th, the magic city, the ruiou department stores, large neon signs iLady365 particularly eye-catching.

When you walk on the five floor ruiou department store, see the handsome little meat topless, eight pack. Is there a screaming photo like want!

Buy buy! Party night attracted countless love shopping hand chop party!

La Moda full of dreams, the full of people's eyes.

How can you not let a person's heart to create a private custom tailored?

Of course, in the shopping spree of the night did not buy the flowers of the small partners do not have to catch anxious! We came to the La Moda shop to create your own dream flower!





Of course more than our La Moda in iLady365 party night, in the all flowers and food in France Guerlain favorably, seductive guy platform of exhibition is always crowded.

That night nine points, iLady 365 and the guests drink to celebrate.

From left to right: executive director and chief executive officer of Mr Leo, modern communication, 2013 Miss Universe China champion Jin Ye miss, 2011 Miss Universe China champion Luo Zilin miss, modern media group chairman Shao Mr. Zhong, Guerlain China region general manager Shirley Tai lady, Miss Universe China president Ms. Yue Sai Kan, 2014 miss Universe China District champion Hu Yanliang miss, iLady365 publisher and modern media group in Shanghai General Manager Yang Ying lady and Lord to people Yang phase.

The day did not buy La Moda custom bouquet cut the hand of the party who! Welcome to Moda La to continue shopping! Continue to buy your dream flower!

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