La Moda Lounge Opening Party

  La Moda Lounge Opening Party

[July 18, 2015, Shanghai] to explore the life of a variety of possibilities is the idea of La Moda. After careful preparation,

La Moda Lounge in this summer officially opened, the city of those who pursue the quality of life, and a great choice.

La Moda elite team, as well as many guests also visit the opening party of the evening, but also to make the La Moda Lounge became a dazzling landmark night.

Preference for the beauty of Julu Road

For people living in Julu, Shanghai road is not a strange road. In many people's eyes, it is more like those who have a unique view of life

The ideal of the ideal of the people: quiet, seems to be filled with a strong cultural atmosphere, low-key but not to lose the elegant temperament. La Moda Lounge

Therefore, the location of this, but also the quality of a pursuit of the spirit. "Life has no right to retreat, so we need to come in every day.

To their love, this is the real attitude of life should be." In the design of the Lounge, in addition to the continuation of the Moda La has always been simple,

Exquisite flower is still the eternal theme, which is the La Moda brand spirit. In Lounge, the floral ornament is more like icing on the cake,

Let's toast each other between the atmosphere more warm and quiet.



The pursuit of life is endless

In the life of the continuous emergence of the face, but also a beautiful scenery. Every man has an endless pursuit of life, because in the bottom of my heart,

There is such a place is to seal the aspiration and expectation. As in the opening night of Moda Lounge La, different countries, different gender, different

Occupation of people together, like a miniature world. In such a small room full of human touch, you can express this to

The infinite imagination of life. "Friends are the most important wealth of La Moda. We don't want La Moda Lounge to be just a bar.

We are more willing to let people remember, here, you can have a feeling of life attitude, have the pursuit of life ideal. When one day people mention it

Time to remember, there is such a place in Shanghai called La Moda, is a common memory of us."

They help the opening party.



In the evening of the opening party scene, but also amazing, is the scene of the flickering light from Diptyque. Diptyque from France

Since 1961 he has conquered the world with fragrance. The romantic Paris people regarded her candles for life are essential

Products, and this is precisely the same as the Moda La advocated the concept of life should not be monotonous, can be stylish and full of artistic inspiration. When

We are immersed in the aroma of the Diptyque, the trance that exposure to a pleasant small town in Europe, only a flower filled with life, warm and comfortable.



Based on for Seafood Passion's high-end seafood brand three cm (3CM) is also available on the scene to provide guests with a unique seafood

Dinner, can also feel the light luxury style and rich flavor of fashion from the selection of the world's seafood ingredients, in tasting more than enjoy by food

A healthy, happy and positive attitude to life.


About  La Moda Lounge

Located in Jingan District, Julu, Shanghai road 895, La Moda 's brand, is the first to "flower" as the theme of the context of the Lounge. Here,

You can see the flowers of the elaborate design in every corner of the space, and the background of the space art, bring customers a sense of pleasure. In addition, come from

All the world's top wines are also gathered here, for the love of wine tasting. The art of wine tasting can also be spread here. La Moda Lounge

The present, is the spirit of the art of life, this is also the La Moda has been adhering to the.

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