La Moda X Le Fame 2015FW Vision

The Le fame 2015FW vision sets the scene by La Moda founder Enrico surgeon, respectively, through three different scenarios and layout properties of different flowers, and Le fame three eternal theme of the perfect fit.


BALCONY : selection of reed, love flowers, pink, supplemented by Eucalyptus, through the unique perspective to reflect a idle lazy afternoon, smoky, sexy cherished unique temperament. 
MASTER-BEDROOM: showy long rose, Bulgarian rose, buckle chrysanthemum, Feng Xin Zi tulips with coral, fireworks chrysanthemum and the background of handmade flower and bird painting cloth wallpaper embraced.
QUEST-BEDROOM: only to different shades of Blue Hydrangea, again with to reed, minimalist but very power, to show the sense of cool whims.


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