La Moda flower of life gorgeous psychedelic fantasy space gradient -2015.6.13

 2015.6.13 Sun Hung Kai Properties in Shanghai's first luxury riverside Arc de Triomphe 8000 square metre world class private clubs boast the world debut, the master tries their best to build.

Clear, profound, full of passion and power, La Moda life spent will Binjiang triumphal arch clubs to create a gorgeous psychedelic

gradient fantasy space.

La Moda in Wonderland series: British fairy tale master Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland" in the fantastic scene for inspiration

Selection of imported from Europe living flowers, through color and purple crystal dazzling collocation, again with exquisite floral

will exist only in the fairy tale dream in reality.

La Moda the power of destiny series: inspired by Rachmanninoff romantic style Second Piano Concerto in C minor, extreme color rose

and rose with Austen in Holland.

La Moda Sicily to pray series: source of inspiration in Italy on the mysterious island Sicilia night, the breeze in the blooming

without losing the romantic glitz.

La Moda series: the queen of spades is filled with 80's romantic glitz.

La Moda is the flower of life of luxury, without modification, put into the fusion.

The six major themes of Carnival activities, in which La Moda live production "eternal flower illustration" for every guests.






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