La Moda Shenzhen Store Grand Opening

The ultimate dream of La Moda the flower of life, following Shanghai, Beijing, Anshan, newest branch

has to 2015.05.10 landing Shenzhen Overseas Chinese town.

" Another world " wake up your heart



As long as La Moda can easily melt her heart, by La Moda showed exquisite life in the city hall.

La Moda, from Milan, Italy's elite team of designers, open the Chinese market in 2009, we always adhere

to the sophisticated design of the pursuit of excellence, strive for perfection.


Shenzhen flagship store image by La Moda space design director Shen Fang Qing design completed, graduated from

ACCADEMIA di BELLI in arti di Brera Shen Fang Qing For the design of the concept: simple structure, fashion, rich

texture, to highlight the extraordinary taste unique La Moda.


La Moda  Shenzhen store opening Fashion Show.

Mr Teng Geng, the founder of La Moda, obtained master degree of art in Italia, and was

deeply influenced by Europe culture. With particular understanding of color and construction

he led La Moda team to integrate classic and fashion with four yearspersistent  efforts in floriculture

created many classic series products like: “Queen spade”, Power of destiny”, “wonderland”and

“Black diamond, all of  eternal living flowers are imported from Europe. 


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