Come to La Moda for Halloween and invite you to a night circus


La Moda has been yelling at Halloween and all kinds of demons for three consecutive years, and today is no exception! The perfect sound, the strange lighting and decoration, the bloody scene, and the creepy dress are enough to make you crazy. Let's take a look at the crazy and exciting ghosts of previous years. 🎃


2016 Halloween Madness Night

2017 Night Devil Action "Halloween"

2018 Deep Palace Strategy

Hey! La Moda Circus? !

We are coming soon!

The sky is dusk, and the autumn wind sweeps over the leaves.

The circus of the unmanned circus only had a crow cry.

The gates of La Moda’s circus are densely covered.

吱嘎--吱嘎--swing with the wind,

Stepping into this door, the bitter chill takes you through the once exhilarating performances.

2019.11.1 19:30

La Moda Xintiandi Flagship Store

Free makeup, photography

There is also a divination master waiting for you.

Drink at 19:30-00:00 (designated drinks)

Admission ticket: 150RMB / person

Address: 01B, No. 159, Madang Road, Shanghai

Waiting for you to carnival


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