The La Moda brand was founded in March 2010

La Moda is the hidden symbol of life in every one of us. You may forget the past in a journey.

Or occasionally lose your way in walking, but also easily release your anxious mood because of the glance at La Moda.

Have a pure and peaceful home like a gentle harbor. One of the design, this is our intention, but also our reservations.

La Moda is a flower shop, but it is not exactly. In La Moda, flowers are the theme, but it also makes people feel that they are from art.

Inspired by the collision.La Moda operation, design, culture is not entirely the pursuit of those mouthwatering flowers, because they have a

The day will wither, there is no longer a glamorous appearance, like the passing of the years.


Shanghai La Moda Investment Mangement Co,Ltd 

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